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OldeTyme Berakah
- 23.25% Joe Hancock
Buck N Badger x HunnyBird Hancock (Hancocks Blue Boy)

Classified Ads ~ Options & Pricing
4 mos 1 year
text ad (Hancock Horses for sale only) free n/a
photo ad (simple) $35 $50
display ad - ready-made n/a $75
display ad - designed $75 $100
public sale or auction ad - ready-made $50 $75
public sale or auction ad - designed $75 $100


Stallion Directory ~ Options & Pricing
4 mos 1 year
text ad (stallion for sale, lease, wanted, info) free free
photo ad (stallion for sale) $60 til sold
stallion directory ad (1st stallion)
$60 / season
stallion directory ad (ea additional stallion) $20 / season




Free Text Ads

  • All ads must include location.
  • At Stud: Free text ads for stallion service is not offered, because that service is covered by members' free Breeder Directory listings.
  • Free text ads should be brief: 3-4 sentences at most.
  • Free text ads may contain your email address but no photos or website urls. Please don't include website links, promises of photos, etc... that is reserved for paying photo ads, which means I have to edit that out... which means...
  • If I am short on time when I receive a free text ad, and if I have to edit the free ad, it may have to wait until I have more time to edit it before it gets posted.

Paid Ads

  • Let me know if you need an invoice or a paid receipt for taxes.
  • You may run a paid ad for whatever you expect to sell on this website (well, within reason).
  • Email ad to me at donna@hancockhorses.com

Photo Ads. Photo ads may include website links, and are charged per photo. Photo ads for stallions go on the stallion directory page, and all other photo ads go on the classified ad page.

Display Ads. Display ads may be larger designed ads with multiple photos, logos, brands, pedigrees or other elements. You can remit ready-made display ads or you can send me the elements you want in the ad and have me design it for you according to your specifications. Display ads (on classifieds page) fit best at 450 to 500 dpi wide.

Stallion Directory Ads are Discontinued for Now.

  • All (breeding age) stallions go on the Stallion Directory page, and for readers' convenience are listed by location /state (alphabetically).
  • Colts not of breeding age (prospects, youngstock) can go on the classifieds page if preferred.
  • Stallion Directory ads (most are stallions at stud, or sometimes sires of annual colt crops) include a photo and a pedigree. Stallions in sire directory run all year. Late ads placed after the breeding season (July 1st or later) roll over to include the entire following year.
  • Stallions For Sale ads are included by state among Stallion Service ads. Stallion sale ads may be ordered as simple photo ad (1 image) or as a display ad. Same price as display ads on classifieds page.
  • Free Text ads are not offered for stallion services or breeding operations. A free listing in the main member Hancock Horse Breeder Directory already does that. Stallions for sale, for lease, want ads, stolen, and special situations for stallions do qualify for free text ads.

Sponsorship Banner Ads. Revolving banners go at the top of the main homepage HancockHorses.com, and at the top of the classified ad page. Banner ads can be purchased for any ranch, stallion, product or service. Ready-made banners must be H:100 pixels x W:750 pixels.

To submit an ad:

  • Include your location in all ads
  • Email photo and text of each ad together in same email.
  • Email ad to me at donna@hancockhorses.com
  • You can snail mail it (address below).


  • To remit payment by check: make check out to Donna G Vickery.
  • Mail payment by check to Donna G Vickery, Hancock Horses website, 2290 Bruce McCaleb
    Rd., Duck River, Tennessee, 38454.
  • For payment online include any extra transaction fees (Paypal etc).
  • Free online transactions are available (I consider Paypal an unnecessary expense) at other just-as-reliable payment services, such as Square, and also on Facebook (FB works great for USA, but not Canada).
  • When ordering more than one kind of paid ad, I can usually give a discount or a free bonus feature.

THANK YOU for your submission. Please email any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns at any time. Your satisfaction is our most important goal.



this cute little ad was featured in the
Western Livestock Reporter years ago

your ad receipts are proof to the IRS
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Jim West Ranches in Nevada... using Hancock Horses the old fashioned way

“A horse is a horse, it ainīt make a difference what color it is.”  John Wayne



Coal Smooth Cash
FOR SALE: Blue Roan Stallion [SOLD] AQHA Coal Smooth Cash is a 14 year old blue roan stud. My boss bought this horse 5 years ago with the intention of breeding some mares. His business picked up so the mares never got bought. He is tired of looking at him as a pasture ornament, he would rather have black cows (go figure). With Blue Valentine, Gooseberry, and Dash for Cash on his papers, he could still provide someone with some beautiful well bred babies. If you need any additional information please call me at (903) 576-4498. Price reduced, boss wants him sold. Longview TX

Every once in a while, I run across an ad somewhere on Craigslist or Facebook, that I feel belongs here. Just for the sake of networking. This older ad above, was one of those times. Here's what happened next:

Saturday, October 13, 2012 9:35 PM
"You have this Stallion listed for sale on your Stallion page. I purchased him from the seller on September 10th of this year and wanted to let you know you may remove him as being for sale. I'm not sure how he ended up on your site for sale as the seller did not list him here but I am glad you did because that is how I found him. This stud is a special case. He has been in my family since he was born. My cousin bred and raised him from birth then sold him as a 9 year old to our Vet for breeding. This was all before I actually met my cousin. Our Vet in turn sold him to the man I purchased him from and he owned him for 5 years but did not breed him. I found him on your site and was so happy to be able to bring him back into our family again. He will be a great asset to our breeding program and will never leave the family again. Thank you again for posting him on your site!! Best Regards," Michelle Yates, AM PM Ranch


Hats off to our readers: THANK YOU for your support !

"Hello guys! I've been meaning to tell you, we can pull the ad down for Claytons Romeo Drift. We sold him thanks to your site, we had LOTS of calls thanks to this ad. Thanks for providing this service." Brett Spader DV Auction (Dec 2013)

"When I was deciding to change the bloodlines of my breeding program, your website was invaluable and key to the switch." Lisa, Breezy Hill Farm (Nov 2013)

"Rode a horse today that didn't have one ounce of Joe Hancock blood in him. First one in years that I know of. Guess we got the cows found and pairs sorted off and still got the job done. Tomorrow I will take out my 4 year old that goes back to Joe about 8 times and only has about 12 rides. Betting I will get as much work done as I did today on this 11 year old gelding." ~ Neil Whitmer (Oct 2013)

"I really like your website. It makes me not want any other Quarter Horse out there!" ~ Melony Almind, CA (Jan 2012)

"Gotta tell you, still getting more hits from HH than anywhere else. Keep up the good work, girls." Joel, Promised Land Ranch (August 2011)

" Donna; My recent conversation with Randy Wright caused me to think about you and Michelle the last couple of days. Honest and sincere folks are getting harder to come by in our sector of the horse world!" ~ John Gist, Wagon Wheel Ranch, TX (June 2011)

"Holy cow, did I get a TON of response from the ad you placed for me! I have sold all the mares, including their fillies and two that were not even listed! I now only have one mare from this group left... Thanks again! You guys rock!" Carrie, C Lazy T Performance Horses (Jan 2011)

"Michelle and Donna Grace are both great ladies and have done more to help preserve and promote the Hancock genetics than anyone, other than Fred Gist when he was alive. If they can help, they will go out of their way to assist you; you have no idea how much they have done for many, many people and love being able to." Randy, Wright Cattle Co., TX (Dec 2010)

"Just a couple of things. First of all, the Hancock Horse website works. Your classified ads work. The horse market is absolutely dead here in our area. Advertising in our area (even in the best advertising venues in the whole state), I wouldn't have hardly been able to give my horses away. But in response to my ad on Hancock Horses, I got a number of good solid calls and inquiries from around the country. And yesterday, I had a guy come pick up a load of horses and pay me a fair (in light of market conditions) price for them. All thanks to the ad and your website. Thanks for doing it and making it available." ~ Todd Macfarlane, UT (Autumn 2010)

"Thanks for the contact and WOW has the site grown. I have to tell you what a good job you guys do and that I get calls from the site off and on all year long." ~ Leslie, Merrill Ranch, SD

"I love your Hancocks breeders page, it is a brilliant idea." ~ Rodolfo Valenzuela

"I just wanted to say I really enjoy your website and all the hard work and info you've put into it. I look at it daily and have found a couple REALLY good horses because of it over the past 3 years since i'v found it. Thanks!"
~ Travis Starr, Stillwell, OK

"I want to tell you how much I enjoy this website - I get on sometimes and spend hours reading! We frequently refer people to this site to learn about Hancocks. We are the only folks in our area who own these awesome horses so people always have a lot of questions about them." ~ Tammy, TN

"Here is the ad I would like to have placed on your website. I found the site because of the article in America's Horse magazine and was excited to do so. It is a great resource for Hancock breeders." ~ Kate

"Thanks for all you and your partner do in making and keeping this website going. I use it almost everyday and would be lost without it. Thanks again,"
~ Andy Reed, Coburn Creek Quarter Horses

"...the only place I go to look for Hancocks... no need to waste time anywhere else."

"HancockHorses.com generates more hits to our site than any $1200 full page magazine ad." Jennifer, Coyote Ridge Roans

"Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Hi Gals, I just wanted to send you a special THANK YOU for all the work you have done on the Hancock site. It is a privilege as a breeder to be on such a wonderful site. Just a thought, have you gals ever thought of putting all this info into a book? If you ever do, we want first in line for it! Thank you both sooooo much," Bill & Cindy Smith L & S Q.H's

actually that idea has been brought up before, and after much discussion, we feel that due to the nature & cost of printed material, a book would be outdated too quickly to make it worth publishing.

"Oh just FYI… I sold a nice high dollar stud colt to a super fella in Oregon who stumbled upon us through your site thus the push to advertise with you more… a person just doesn’t know what’s working until it comes to their attention so THANK you for your site!" LM

"Donna, I just purchased a 3 year old, Blue Valentine, Happy Hancock, Doc Bar gelding, and then I read your story in the America's Horse Magazine... I just want to thank you and Michelle for your hard work and dedication to the Hancock bloodline, and to let you know, your work is appreciated... God Bless you Both" ~ Sincerely, Brad, Idaho

"Now, here's the good news. I don't know when you put this [ad] up and modified it, etc. But I had three emails already. Can you believe it?"

"Thanks for maintaining such a great website. I check it regularly and am excited to see all of the new people listed every month." Jim Willingham

"I'd like to compliment you on your work on the Hancock Horses website. It is absoulutely great, I have learned a great deal and really enjoyed the pictures of old horses and the historical articles." WA State Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda

"Keep up the good work, people like you are really helping the Hancock breeding programs."

"I would like to thank you for your website and the hits I am receiving because of it, and the info it provides."

"I get more (website traffic) coming from hancockhorses.com than any other"

"I am just enthralled with the site -- it is an all-encompassing site for Hancocks and SO WELL DONE! Hancock and Blue Valentine breeders everywhere owe you a lot for your hard work and dedication on their behalf. The newsletter and site is SO CLASSY!" ~ Baru

"The hancockhorses.com site has been good for a lot of people."

"WOW! What great information you have on there. This is become THE Hancock website -- choc full of information; I love all the stories about different get of JH (Joe Hancock)."

"You two are doing a superb job!!"

"Thanks for all you have done with the Hancock Pages. We have gotten a lot of inquiries from there."

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General Honor System & Case by Case Approach. Donna Grace, site partner, weblackey This website is a family style project, and we do everything here with a personal touch. Michelle & I (Donna Grace) are the sole owners of this website and I am the sole weblackey of this site. We answer to no one other than you, our members, when it comes to our policies and how we administer them. We have a strong sense of fair play solidly in place, and we promise to always try to give more to our members than we ask in return. In order to do that effectively, as resident weblackey, I reserve the right to administer our policies here on our website, on a case by case basis. In certain situations, I may handle one case differently from another case. If I did not reserve the right to do that, I might succumb to a situation where those taking unlimited advantage of our generous policies would force me to change and restrict our policies for all those of you who happily enjoy, honor & benefit from, their underlying intent. So. Michelle and I will continue to administer our policies as we see fit, and to accept, edit, and/or refuse any ads or submissions. This is our way of honoring & appreciating our fantastic membership, and still keeping HancockHorses.com enjoyable & rewarding for everybody involved. All questions, accusations, complaints, whining, kudos, and other commentary are cheerfully accepted by emailing us.  

We are not responsible for any misrepresentation, etc. and do not represent any guarantees of any kind.

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