2020: We have now retired after proudly breeding great American Quarter Horses for 57 years. We started in the horse business in 1960. For about 35 years we concentrated mainly on the Hancock and Driftwood bloodlines. For many years in the late 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's we were involved in showing horses. We have enjoyed judging numerous 4H and local horse shows.

Fintry Blue Ambrose (Fintry Drift Hancock x Fintry Roan Amber)
owned by Von and Sally Foster, VS Quarter Horses. Photo by Von Foster

Hancock bred horses by private treaty. We usually have stallions, mares, younger stock and weanlings for sale; grays, blue and red roans, bays, sorrels and duns.

Fintry Drift Hancock - 1994 - gray - 15.2 hh

Lasso's Windsor Lasso Grey Badger II Midnight Jr
Grey Annie
Y-Lass Lucky Jim
Sabrina Hancock Buck Hancock Joe Hancock
Triangle Lady
Ruby Hancock Gold Rush
Lady Hancock
Miss Roan Asset Roan Prairie Cibecue Roan Red Man
Miss Linwood
Tom's Rosewood Texas Tom F
O See O
Miss Ruthie Twist Deer Light Roan Light
Roe Deer
Ruthie's Bar 2 Revenue H
Golden Bar


Fintry Drifts Chip - 2002 - brown

Drifts Chip Double Drift Gray Chip Driftwood
Sugar Tit
Rosewood Driftwood
Miss Hondo
Diamond Isle Diamond Chip Silver King
Scar Face S
Dusty Babe Dusty Hancock
803 Babe
Fintry Grey Missy Lasso's Windsor Lasso Grey Badger II
Sabrina Hancock Buck Hancock
Ruby Hancock
Fintry Misty Cat Fintry Tom Cat Old Tom Cat
Runnin' Rickie
Leozella King Leo Bar
Zella Hep

Fintry Orphan Drift - 2003 - bay

Orphan Bear Wilywood Orphan Drift Driftwood Ike
Orphan Annie C
Oui Oui Poco Speedy
Stacie Lee Bear Le Bear Little Bear
Miss Butler
Wanalains Poco Baldy Pat Star
Poco Top Nita
Janae Drift Mandrift Orphan Drift Driftwood Ike
Orphan Annie C
Manzanita Moon Drifty's Poco
Manzanita Red
Driftwood Janae Ciderwood Orphan Drift
Poco Judy Sue
Miss Poco Judy Sue Poco Firebrand

Berrys Babe (by Gooseberry)

Our mares carry the bloodlines of the following great foundation horses:

Blue Valentine Harlan War Chief
Lucky Nugget G Star Duster Gray Badger II
Buck Hancock Easter King Joe Tom
Red Man Plenty Coup Orphan Drift
Poco Speedy Driftwood Ike King

chestnut mare

Fintry Roan Amber

grey mare

Heart Hancock 18 yrs old

Lils Nugget

Miss Roan Asset 1994

Don & Irene Woitte
2020: Retired
after proudly breeding
great American Quarter Horses
for 57 years.

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