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FEATURED BREEDER;  February 2008
Olde Tyme Quarter Horses
Tom and Lisa Dunikowski

Why Hancock Horses?

When I was growing up my cousin Ethel Williamson owned two horses that influenced my decision to breed Hancock horses. My two favorite horses that she had were Salty Badger, a 1949 grey gelding by Grey Badger II and out of a daughter of Buck Hancock. The other was a bay gelding by Bar B Twist and out of Little Becky Jo, a full sister to Little Brown Joe.

At the time I knew nothing of Quarter Horse bloodlines, or that the two were related. They both stood out from the rest of the horses I had known, they had a unique intelligence, were very athletic, kind, willing and had a great work ethic. My discovering that they were both Hancock bred inspired me to want to breed for a horse like them.

My uncle, Dan Yirovec, and I sought an ideal mare to start our program with and we selected Gilda Grey 66 because she was more like her sire Dick Badger than any others we had seen. We then sought the ideal Hancock stallion to cross her on and found Little Brown Joe. Due to both horses being of advanced age, Gilda 21 and Joe 29, we were unsuccessful at getting a foal from that cross. Barb Richardson, Little Brown Joes owner, told me she had a nice son of his she would be standing and asked if we would want to breed Gilda to him. We had not seen him but trusted that due to his breeding, he would be very nice, so we agreed. The result was Buck N Badger, bred just like Salty Badger and Bar B Joe Hancock, the two Hancock geldings that had so impressed me in my childhood. When Buck N Badger was a year old my uncle died, leaving his destiny in my hands.

When people think Hancock they think big, blue roan roping horse. Buck N Badger is a very handsome 14.2 hand seal brown reining horse. He has all the attributes that we bred for, that unique intelligence, conformation, bone, kind disposition, willingness, athleticism, cow, a great work ethic, his good looks were the bonus. He was trained for reining and was shown in the 1992 Congress Open Reining Futurity. In spite of our trainer quitting on us just before the show and his being ridden by a "catch rider " who did not know him, he still scored a 197.5 against stiff competition in a class of over 200 horses.

The years that ensued were wrought with personal difficulties, forcing us to lease out Buck N Badger. He was leased to Tommy Tongyai, owner of the great reining sire, Easter Gentleman, also out of a Grey Badger II / Hancock mare. Buck N Badger had been leased as a breeding horse and was never campaigned in the show ring. In 1997 we brought him home to Michigan. We used him at stud and as a kids' lesson horse.

Over the years he was seldom ridden, but when he was 14, my daughter said she would like to try team penning, so we took him. While she was waiting to go in, a cow got through and tried to run by Buck N Badger. He pinned his ears, leaped out at the cow, dropped down and stopped it. We had never put him on cattle before. People asked my daughter who had trained him for cutting. She told them it was the first time he had seen a cow. Later that year we pulled him from the breeding pen, loaded him into the trailer and hauled him to a Foundation show. He hadn't been ridden since the team penning earlier in the year. We entered him in Open Reining, he went in barefoot and with a rider who had not been on him before. He took 2nd out of eight. My daughter wanted to use him for turnback in the cutting, but while they were settling the herd, he showed so much interest that we decided to enter him in cutting, even though he had no cutting training. He was entered in Open and Amateur Cutting and he placed 3rd and 6th. He has cow!

In 2006, at age 17, we decided to show him. He went to the reining trainer six weeks before his first show. At the end of the show season, he was the 2006 Michigan Quarter Horse Association Open Reining Champion with 103 Michigan points and 9 AQHA Open Reining points. Not bad for an old man. We have retired him from showing, he has proven he is a reining horse, and Hancocks can do more than rope. We now have a number of his get in Reining training and look forward to the carrying on for their sire.

Buck N Badger Sunfrost 06 filly

06 filly
sire: Buck N Badger
dam: Miss Fancy Frost x Sunfrost

blue roan mare
Oldetyme Berakah
sire: Buck N Badger
dam: Hunnybird Hancock (x Hancocks Blue Boy)
2004 foal, Danni

Don Wrede
Buck N Badger's sire

Gilda Gray 66

Gilda Gray 66
Buck N Badger's dam

Buck N Badger

Buck N Badger

Buck N Badger

Buck N Badger

Dani 2004 foal

Our broodmares are daughters of Buck N Badger, Little Brown Joe, Carnival King, Easter Gentleman, Young Gun, Corchas Boy, Sun Frost, Mills Dark Smoke, Doc Soquero by Doc Bar, and APHA Scenic Jetalito.

Danni with red boots

Buck N Badger stopping (on hard ground)

Buck N Badger offspring, cutting

Buck N Badger and buddy

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